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Guild Message of the Day - February 10th
Well done last night. Thanks for coming prepared and focused.

Hypnosis News

November 3rd

Welcome to Hypnosis


Hypnosis was founded in February of 2010. The original members were all in an Alliance guild which ran 25 man content and two 10 man raids each week. We were all members of one of the 10 man teams and decided we preferred the 10 man content to 25 mans. We re-rolled Horde and Hypnosis was born.

Our members have a vast amount of raiding experience - many have raided content stemming back to vanilla WoW, even more in TBC and some who started playing in WotLK only. While our resume does not reveal world first kills or achievements accomplished by no other, what does grant us a modicum of pride is that we have achieved our goals of progression while maintaining a casual raid atmosphere. 


Now its on to the Cataclysm.  Deathwing, we're coming!

By: Paradöx - February 9th

Al'Akir - My guild went to the RNG park and all they got me was this terrible loot.


  • Talisin: Terrible fight QQ
  • Mooduk: ^
  • Babikir: I think you could have zoomed out a little more don't you?
  • Talisin: I proposed either a big H or a big FUUUUU. But we didn't have the numbers for it ;)
By: Babikir - February 3rd

The Bigger They Are The Harder Cho'Gall


  • Talisin: Fun fight. Although P2 gives me a heart attack.
  • Zerafa: Pfft, you think healings hard, you should try deeps
  • Zerafa: All I hear is, "Kill adds"...can I get interupt?
  • Talisin: lol at dps being hard
By: Babikir - January 28th

Chimaeron, 10 Heads Are Better Than 3


  • Babikir: We forgot to drop the banner.
  • Talisin: But we did get Zer's pet up front. We are good =D oh and woot for an awesome fight
  • Zerafa: Tal, your tree form scares me.
  • Talisin: My tree form makes boys into men.
By: Babikir - January 28th

Twilight Ascendant Council - Vetoed!


By: Babikir - January 20th

Atramedes Never Saw It Coming


  • Mooduk: ba-zing!
  • Zerafa: A most rewarding and unexpected kill. GO GO last pull for the night.
  • Babikir: it was totally expected. See my post on the forums from yesterday.
By: Babikir - January 20th

Maloriak No Moriak - Should have farmed more Whiptail


By: Babikir - January 14th

Valiona and Theralion: Meddle not in the affairs of Hypnosis for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.


By: Babikir - January 6th

Halfus Wyrmbreaker: Broke in Halfus


By: Babikir - January 6th

Conclave of Wind: Full of Hot Air


  • Babikir: Another potential title: Conclave of Wind Blows

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